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CorasWorks is excited to share information on its products, services, customers, and training through our blogs. We also enjoy the opportunity to share our insights, thoughts, and theories on our software, Microsoft SharePoint, and the software industry in general. Take a few minutes to check out our blogs below.

William's Blog

Check out this blog by William Rogers, CorasWorks' co-founder and Chief Workplace Architect. William posts about custom solutions for SharePoint, CorasWorks' Idea and Innovation Management solution, and trends in SharePoint and cloud-based workplace solutions. Visit the blog.

CorasWorks Business SolutionsIn this blog, all of our Teams combine to provide insights and information on our products, solutions, and services. Visit the blog.
From the Field Every day, the CorasWorks Professional Services Team works with customers in the field to implement CorasWorks solutions on SharePoint - and write about the valuable information they've learned from working onsite. Visit the blog.