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Our Vision


At CorasWorks, we believe there is great value to be derived by organizations that use the Internet and web-based applications to enable people to work together more productively. The Internet is the perfect interactive medium for people to collaborate, communicate, and interact with internal team members, external partners, vendors, and customers, and in communities. More and more each day, success depends on distributed teams of people working together.

Technologies such as Web 2.0 and Enterprise 2.0 have matured to allow us to build robust collaborative solutions, that are web-based, and that can impact real productivity by real people at a cost-effective price.


It begins with the Platform
CorasWorks began in 2003 building its products on the Microsoft collaborative platform. This platform consists of Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Windows, Microsoft SQL Server, and the Microsoft .Net Infrastructure. We believe this platform is the best choice for building "next-generation" collaborative solutions because of Microsoft's commitment to each of the elements of this foundation platform and their commitment to making platforms broadly accessible and affordable.

The CorasWorks Solution Platform is also flexible and has been engineered to take advantage of legacy, standard and web-based applications. This flexibility enables our customers to easily incorporate non-Microsoft products and services into an integrated solution. Our products allow organizations to "transform" this foundation collaboration platform into a next generation system for integrated business applications, with a much lower level of cost and technical skill.

Solutions and Applications
CorasWorks also leverages our platform for highly functional solutions, such as CorasWorks Idea Management (Cim) and Project and Portfolio Management (PPM).  These solutions are focused on dramatically improving our customers’ productivity and time-to-market.  CorasWorks will analyze a client’s operation to determine if our highly functional solutions provide the most effective basis for their needs.  In many scenarios we have found that our Cim and PPM solutions can save great amounts of time and be cost effectively customized for a client’s specific needs.  However, CorasWorks is not bound to our solutions and will create a custom-built solution as well.  Examples of CorasWorks built custom solutions include Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), material management and control, mashups, intranets, portals and extranets. Many of these solutions and more can be seen on our Customer Solutions page.

But it is all about the Workplace
The Workplace is simply a front end environment where people go to work. They can be any people, allowed by your organization, working from anywhere, at any time. . .with access to data and information from anywhere.  The Workplace contains the key business applications that your organization needs, customized to the way you work. The Workplace is flexible.  Components can be added and changed upon demand with little to no disruption to your Information Technology infrastructure.  The Workplace is also simple to use. Users can tailor their interface as needed without requiring IT support.  CorasWorks software has been designed and built to provide the flexibility and simplicity required by modern organizations.