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CorasWorks Social Collaboration

Driving Tangible Business Value and Results through Collaboration on SharePoint



  • Drive Better Results: Benefit from the collective power of your workforce.
  • Increase Productivity: Make it easy to share and find information.
  • Connect Your Workforce: Keep them connected, engaged, and motivated.
Social Network Integration

Every organization knows collaboration is a good thing.  But how do you “implement” collaboration to ensure maximum participation and maximum value?


The CorasWorks Social Collaboration Solution for Microsoft SharePoint makes it easy to get started with general collaboration and even easier to engage your employees and ensure their participation.  The core of our Social Collaboration Solution is the Community.  Stand up communities, add information, tag, comment, and even subscribe to feeds.  The Community framework makes it easy to get groups of people with common interests or purposes together to collaborate.


A key part of the CorasWorks Social Collaboration solution is our Activity Stream.  The Activity Stream brings it all together.  You may be working across multiple communities but you can see all your “activity” and action on your activities in a single flow of information.  It’s your own personal Activity Stream.



  • Drive better results by leveraging the collective brain power of your workforce and other key stakeholders
  • Easily post, share, and collaborate on information
  • Find information and answers quickly
  • Increase the interaction among your workforce, partners, customers, and other key stakeholders
  • Connect people with common interests, practices, purposes, and objectives
  • Improve collaboration by making it easier and more convenient


  • Collaborative Communities
  • Rich articles supporting text, multiple files, pictures, links, ratings, comments, reviews
  • Activity Stream, including My Activity, My Stream, and Watch List
  • Community lists
  • Dynamic Forms for ease of customization of new and edit web-based posting forms
  • Configurable Communities Displays (listing and details) with options for Status, File Upload, Groups, and Peer Reviews
  • Groups providing a new way to categorize posts with filtering and RSS feeds
  • URL Bookmarking
  • Peer Reviews with radial buttons, drop-downs, single text, multi-line text, numeric, and/or date fields
  • Activity Stream API to create custom activities that feed the stream, such as notifications of assigned task for downstream processes

Use Cases

  • Team or departmental communities
  • Cross-functional communities
  • Collaborative Information Resources
  • Communities of Purpose/Practice/People
  • Idea communities
  • Challenges, campaigns, and contests
  • Employee or Customer Services

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The CorasWorks Social Collaboration Solution for Microsoft SharePoint is powered by Cim 2.1.  Check out our other Cim solutions, including Social Business Processes and Idea & Innovation Management.