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CorasWorks Social Business Processes

Blending People and Process to Make Your Organization More Effective and Productive



  • Increase Effectiveness of Processes: Make them simple and easy to use.
  • Add People to the Process: Add a "social" element to your processes.
  • Visibility: Increase visibility into the processes and outcomes.
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Business processes are a part of every organization.  Many are ad hoc in nature, vary in scope and complexity, and may be automated, paper-based, or both.  Some are represented by a process diagram, complete with boxes, arrows, decision points, and conclusions.  These may look great on paper- if you even have them on paper - but we all know they don’t really work that way.  And, these diagrams don’t even represent the most important part of the process - people.


CorasWorks Social Business Processes for SharePoint 2010 are designed to take these various business processes and add the two missing ingredients—structure and people.  The result is Social Business Processes that drive effectiveness (making the right decision) and efficiency (doing things right).


The solution is also available for SharePoint 2007.



  • Drive effective processes by making them simple and easy to use
  • Add structure to ad hoc processes
  • Improve information collection, innovation of new business process ideas, and sharing across the organization
  • Increase visibility and transparency into processes and outcomes
  • Ensure action and followup—won’t let things slip through the cracks


  • Rich, web experience for information collection and collaboration
  • Social collaboration, including comment, rating, and peer review
  • Management activities, including voting, reviewing, and commenting
  • Flash-based and tabular reporting
  • Workflow and email notifications/alerts
  • Communities and portals
  • Peer and expert reviews
  • Task automation
  • Stage-Gate management process and reporting
  • Drive and track downstream activities and followup
  • Easy to configure to meet the needs of specific business processes

Use Cases

  • Project initiation
  • Application change request
  • Process improvement
  • Customer stories

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CorasWorks Social Business Processes are powered by Cim 2.1.  Also check out our Idea & Innovation Management and our Social Collaboration solutions, also powered by Cim 2.1.