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Resource Planning and Demand Management Solution
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Resource Planning and Demand Management 

Effectively allocate highly valued engineering and technical talent



  • Invest in the Right Projects: Ensure you can staff and deliver projects.
  • Maximize Resources: Effectively allocate and utilize highly skilled staff.
  • Plan for Success: Identify capacity and plan accordingly.

Planning can be a complex exercise, especially when it comes to projects.  There are many dimensions to consider, including new and existing projects, availability of resources to complete the projects, and schedules.  Organizations must balance all three of these dimensions when identifying the portfolio of projects for any given planning period.

It can be a daunting exercise, especially when compounded by all the stakeholders in the process who are lobbying and politicking for their specific projects, controlling resources, and trying to ensure that all organizational goals and objectives are met.

The CorasWorks Resource Planning and Demand Management Solution allows organizations to put structure around the planning process and introduce visibility into the many dimensions that must be considered.  Our solution focuses on ensuring that all the right resources are available and that they are available at the right times.

The core solution is designed to capture all new and existing projects and details, overlay all existing resources and their current commitments, and then determine the excess capacity.  Once capacity is determined, organizations can then decide which of the new projects they can undertake.

CorasWorks understands that all organizations are different.  As such, our Professional Services team is available to implement and customize the solution to meet the specific demands of each individual organization.



  • Ensure you are investing in the right projects
  • Improve the visibility into your resource planning process
  • Reduce risks and exposures while keeping your resources committed and productive
  • Maintain an audit trail on the planning cycle and associated documents
  • Utilize existing project management systems
  • Improve communication through real-time reporting and notifications
  • Maintain the ability to easily adjust and revise your planning process as needed


  • Collaborative and iterative process for resource planning and scheduling
  • Forecast and allocate valuable resources
  • Dashboards and charts for reporting…along with drill downs for details
  • Integration with Outlook for notifications
  • Integration with existing systems and databases
  • Data aggregation from multiple sites, site collections, SharePoint Farms and external systems/databases
  • Customization via Wizards and XML editors

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