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Material Request, Tracking, and Management

Gain Control over Material Requests and Improve Efficiency


  • Improve Visibility: Real-time access to requests, status, and reports for all stakeholders.
  • Increase Efficiency: Reduce paper, manual entry, emails, and phone calls.
  • Act Faster: Make better decisions, know where things are, plan with more confidence.
US Marines Material Tracking Solution

Material and purchase order requests can be a complex and frustrating process, particularly for organizations with staff in many locations. Users need to acquire items for their jobs, but can be frustrated by what they perceive as a “black hole” with the purchasing process. Management needs to review requests prior to the actual purchase, but this can be a time consuming and ineffective process. Purchasing functions often feel trapped between a user who needs material and management who has not approved the purchase request.

A collaborative, front-end approval process can help improve both efficiency in decision-making and effectiveness in communications. The CorasWorks Material Request, Tracking, and Management Solution provides for a simple way for users and management to collaborate on the material request process and provide both efficient decision-making and effective tracking.

The solution addresses the following process:

  • Users enter their requests in a simple form. The form is intelligent enough to collect the necessary information dependent on the type of material requested or the cost. Users get a tracking number as a way to see how their request is moving through the review and approval process.
  • Management and assigned approvers are notified of requests, as well as actions that are close or behind pre-determined deadlines.
  • Management and approvers participate in a stage-gate process that is customized and tuned to the organization’s process.
  • Review presentations are automatically generated for scenarios where there are review meetings. No preparation is required for reviews and the data is always accurate.
  • Dashboards and real-time reports are available for both management and users. All data is security trimmed so people view only what they are entitled to see.
  • Data can be retrieved from existing systems and databases, and approvals can automatically update existing purchase order systems.

CorasWorks Professional Services will customize this solution to best fit an organization’s specific purchasing approval process. This solution is available for SharePoint 2007 and SharePoint 2010.



  • Ensure proper and timely tracking of material requests
  • Improve the visibility into the material request process
  • Improve management control and reduce business risk
  • Give users the ability to track their requests
  • Maintain an audit trail on material request decisions
  • Utilize existing business systems and databases
  • Improve communications through real-time reporting and notifications
  • Maintain the ability to easily adjust and review your approval processes
  • Use mobile devices if desired


  • Collaborative process to material requests
  • Forecast material requests
  • Simple and intelligent forms
  • User tracking
  • Automatic generation of review presentations
  • Dashboards and charts for reporting…along with drill downs for details
  • Integration with Outlook for notifications
  • Integration capability with existing systems and databases
  • Data aggregation from multiple sites, site collections, SharePoint Farms and external systems/databases
  • Customization via Wizards and XML editors

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The CorasWorks Material Request, Tracking, and Management Solution is powered by the v11 Solution Platform and Microsoft SharePoint, and supported by CorasWorks Professional Services.